Artist Kev Munday will be producing an interactive artwork in the venue during the show. Audience members will be able to contribute ideas which Kev will blend with the themes that emerge from the speakers and performers.


Erica is a cyber rhino made as part of Marwell Zoo‘s GoRhinos campaign. This means she’s full of state-of-the-art technology from Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. She will respond to people being nearby, provide a WiFi network for people to interact with it with smartphones, Tweet and read tweets about it and make Rhino sounds.  Erica responds to stimuli and changes her moods. So be polite!


The University of Southampton Roadshow will be bringing a range of science, engineering, biodiversity, and sustainability exhibits that audience members will be able to interact with during the day.


The Human Powered Submarine team from the University of Southampton will be showing their submarine and telling audience members how they designed, built and race their craft against other submarines from around the world.


October Books, Southampton’s only independent, radical, cooperative bookshop will run a TEDxSouthampton book stall during the show.