TEDxSouthampton 2018 will feature speakers and performers over three acts. Ticket holders will receive a complementary lunch, evening drinks, and a TEDxSouthampton event bag.

Timings in the following programme may change prior to the event.

12:00  Doors Open
1pm  ACT 1

Iszi Lawrence
Why the meaning of life
is a joke

Cheryl Butler
History and memory

Claudia Murg
How community journalism can tackle social neglect

David Pilling
The growth delusion

2:35pm  Intermission
3:40pm  ACT 2
Nazneen Ahmed
Why we need inclusive histories

Stacey Heale
The transformative power of social media

TED Video
Louie Schwartzberg

Nazira Albargothy
My mission to cure Alzheimer’s

5pm  Intermission
5:40pm  ACT 3

Ellie Harrison
Sustainability versus growth

Deb Wilkes
Making end of life care matter

Richard Thanki
Lessons for democracy from wireless networks

Tiny instruments making big social changes

7:20pm Drinks Reception
9pm  Event Ends